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Many companies are still using the same approach to online marketing that they have used for twenty years. Today it is required to make sure the company doing your marketing are well rounded in all areas of online marketing.

Sometimes the same person managing the search engine optimization or social media is not always the same as the writing the content for emails. Today the specialies and responsibilties required to be successful online are melding into one. Social networks are constantly changing the way they present marketing material to users and the same goes for search engines. All of the knowledge and work required to market successfully is only going to increase and gain in responsibility and demands. To decide if Integrated Marketing Communications is really for you then ask your self the following questions.

  1. How much of your day is spent just tryin got do your work, put out fires, and reacting to unforseen events?
  2. How much of your is spent executing the strategy for success your company has laid out?
  3. How much of your day is based on a plan for approaching different media and promoting your company through specific channels?
  4. Is your company following a marketing plan that integrates everything with a

    predictable result?

Many companies approach the omni-channel universe (email, text message, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) with out a clear plan that integrates everything with a predicatable result

The bottom line is that

if you can't measure it you can not change it and if you can not change it then there is no clear goal

Elevated Road's technology platform is built to manage and measure all marketing activity across all channels to provide the ultimate cross-channel view. when you have limited time to monitor content performance, follow-up with reactions, and manage customers that require immediate action then Elevated Roads technology offerings can help you easily manage this. Elevated Roads provides you the time and expertise that you can't operationally afford. We help you identify the channels that provide you the best return on your investment of time, resources, and money and ultimately brings you the most profit.

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