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Lead Generation, acquisition, and retention are all part of continuous growth strategy.

For a brand to be recognized, it not only has to be introduced to new customers and convert them into potential customers but also maintain their existing customer base.

Lead generation is a process of stimulating and capturing interest in a product, service or a brand for the purpose of developing and establishing sales pipeline. As companies are attempting to build a sales pipeline, they must think about Lead Generation either using traditional Outbound (print ads, pop-ups, television, radio, and billboards) Marketing or Inbound (digital via email, SMS, push messaging, in-app messaging, paid per click, search engine optimization, print media, press and public relationships, online community building, social media, public speaking, radio, influencer outreach, content creation, organic app store, video content) Marketing. Some companies might tell you to just focus on either Inbound Marketing or Outbound Marketing. At Elevated Roads, our digital marketing strategy does not box you into one approach. We suggest your company utilize an integrated approach. For example, some businesses, who just perform Inbound Marketing, will not fully imprint on their audiences, because a portion of their audience may lack interest in digital and social media (older population) or other audience members may lack the financial means to access digital and social marketing.

Following a Lead Generation, every company has to convert those leads into a customer by means of nurturing. As your Digital Marketing Agency, Elevated Roads will not only provide you with unique customer acquisition strategies and tactics, but we can also provide you with technology options to execute those strategies. We will create a plan to keep your customer engaged with an integrated marketing strategy which best suits your business maintaining the customer relationship lifecycle to ensure that the conversion process is as streamlined as possible. At Elevated Roads, we will make it our business to improve your customer acquisitions.

Growth is a balancing act. It depends on two scales, acquisition and retention. If you just acquire customers, but you cannot retain them then your revenue will not grow nor will it ever develop any strength of stability. We, at Elevated Roads, will not solely focus on Lead Generation and acquisition. Most companies will spend 2 to 5 times the cost in creating a lead, 8 to 10 times more in converting them, but it only takes a one-time cost in retaining your customer by keeping them engaged in your brand, services or products. It is a direct line of consented communication with them so all you have to do is keep them informed and updated with your brand. Studies also show that a 10% increase in customer retention can translate to as much as an 80% increase in profitability. They also state that a 2% increase in customer retention has the same effect on a business as decreasing costs by 10%.

In conclusion, growth is not a single point of focus, but rather, it is a triangular force balanced by customer acquisitions and retentions and customers connecting both of them to your continuous growth. We put your company in the center of this triangular force and help it grow at a steady pace. We are here to help your brand, services, and product increase its market reach. All you have to do is ENGAGE with ELEVATED ROADS. We are motivated, focused and eager to engage with your brand to help you increase your growth, expand your reach and provide measurable stability to your marketing efforts.

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