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A website is your brand’s message to the world wide web as well as the foundation to your online presence. Elevated Roads believes every business should have an online presence to drive sales and foot traffic to your place of business.

In today’s world, there are an ever-increasing amount of tools that enable you to create, host, and deliver your message to your customers. Although you are guaranteed to have a website that works, you are not always guaranteed that your website will deliver the results you want. Managing a site to ensure it is effective is very involved. Are the major search engines indexing your content appropriately? Are there errors when the search engines visit? Does your site tell the right story to get top search ranking? These questions are just a few questions every site manager should be concerned about. Effectively addressing these questions is not straightforward. A good understanding of HTML, javascript, web development technologies, and search engine tools is a requirement to ensure you are getting the most our of your investment in a site.

Just having a website is not enough these days. Visitors expect your content to be relevant and fresh to keep them engaged. A requirement is that the site must also be mobile-friendly. The number of mobile users engaging with brands on their mobile devices is growing by leaps and bounds each day. With that, your website must also be mobile friendly and respond very quickly. 61% percent of users are likely to leave if your site is not mobile-friendly. Once a user arrives at your site you have less than 5 seconds for your entire site to load before they have moved on to other tasks.

Your website also has to provide fluent customer user experience (UX) and the user interface (UI) should be self-driven. We take your brand, voice, identity, and value proposition and integrate it with very usable and interactive customer experience journey. Building a customer experience journey for a customer is a way of thinking, seeing the value proposition from the outside in. It is communicating your business value proposition with empathy, so that the customer can make room for your brand and its identity and we can drive the message to their heart. We want your brand to have a live conversation with your customers and live it. breathe it. obsess over the details. We can make this happen by asking you questions. We are going to ask your users questions. We will poke. We will prod. We will make you think. We will make you rethink. We walk with you the entire step of the way. We know you may be skeptical, but we are asking you to trust us. We are the real deal.

At Elevated Roads, our digital agency is well versed in all web technologies to help your brand with an effective online presence. We specialize in mobile-friendly sites, search engine optimization, accelerated mobile pages, effective content, page speed. Using a web template or a DIY website builder will not always guarantee you the results you want. Elevated Roads offers an extremely competitive pricing combined with managed services to give you the results you’re looking for. We are a small group of hungry, talented professionals. There is no B-team: you get our best researchers, architects, designers, and developers. And we’ll give it everything we’ve got. You know that feeling of satisfaction when you have had a breakthrough.

That feeling of relief when you’ve made it. That desire to shock the world? We live for that feeling. And together, we are going to get there. So get in touch.

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