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“Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the number of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the Search Engine’s Results Page (SERP), such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.”

SEO is the critical part of the business and its online presence. The digital footprint of a business now starts with its online presence while expanding that into social networks and other channels that businesses use to keep customers engaged in their business. Online presence begins with a website, landing pages, blogs, press releases and social media pages. As some will say, “Having a professional website makes your business legit!” When a user hears of a business, their first instinct is to search that business on their favorite search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo or others.

So let us rewind your operations prior to the internet. Your brick-and-mortar business depended on the Yellow Pages, newspapers, TV and print marketing to get noticed. As part of your marketing effort and directory listing, the customer had to either call your business or visit the business location. The Yellow Pages, traditional marketing and directory listing of yesterday are the SEO of world wide web. SEO is what gets you noticed!

So the question is… How do you use Search Engine Optimization to make your website noticed allowing you to grow your presence online? It sounds pretty simple to optimize your Search Engine, right?. We wish that it were that simple. SEO is ever-changing as search providers change their ranking algorithms as frequently as every month. Thus, your website presence needs to be re-evaluated as frequently as possible to ensure that your customers find your business rather than landing somewhere else on the Web. At Elevated Roads, our Digital Agency has one primary goal to ensure that your website presents itself as relevant and popular.

In order to make your business website more relevant and popular, Elevated Roads uses Content Marketing. Content Marketing is one of the best ways to build an optimal density of keywords into your website. Writing blogs, white papers, service lists and other content gives businesses the opportunity to spread their keywords over a large number of pages. This ensures that search engines can determine what the website is all about, while the publisher is able to avoid the perils of keyword stuffing. Another technique that we depend on to increase your popularity and reputation is by building your website so search engines determine its relevance to a search query followed by reputation that content carries in the business vertical. The reputation and popularity are gained by means of influence and visits to the content. Think about in terms of voting... the more votes a candidate gets, the more popular he or she is.

As your Digital Agency, Elevated Roads makes it easy to establish your online presence by creating unique, meaningful content and publications and by adding popularity through influencer’s circulation of superlative content. This allows Elevated Roads to obtain the influencer's vote to your content and thus will then link to their sites. Their reference to your content on your Web page serves as indicators to different search engines that your site is both popular and relevant – fundamental qualities that ensure high rankings. If your business already has an online presence, Elevated Roads can start with a Free WebSite Audit. If your business needs an online presence, Elevated Roads can create one for you. Contact us at Elevated Roads to start your Search Engine Optimization.

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